The 10 Best Gift Ideas Tech Gadgets For Your Kids


With the evolution of technology, most children are no longer satisfied with simple traditional toys. To please your toddler at Christmas or for his birthday, turn to tech gadget gift ideas for kids.

But the choice is wise because some items could be harmful for your child. Among them, we can mention:

A toy that will inflict injury. Exit devices whose circuits are not stable. Its use could be fatal for your child.

A device that does not adapt to his age. Even if it’s very pretty, wait until your child is big to buy it. Not knowing how it works, it may cause an accident

A toy that isolates it from others. Some gadgets encourage your child not to spend time with friends and to isolate themselves completely.

By taking these recommendations into account, you will surely find a tech gadget gift that will please your child while ensuring their safety. Most of the following toys are still on the Santa’s letter list:

1 Discovery Channel 360 Degree Super HD Microscope

This high-definition microscope includes an adapter that attaches to the eyepiece. To turn it on, you simply connect your phone to the adapter and activate your camera to display beautiful images. It is also possible to save the images on your device.

The set of microscopes includes everything needed to prepare and analyze the samples. There are two prepared blades and ten blank slides, labels, forceps and sample vials.

2 Sam Labs Curious Kit

SAM is a smart invention kit. Its use does not require any coding or wiring skill. SAM blocks adapt to SAM Space application, the starting point of all inventions, which allows you to create great tricks.

The Sam Labs Curious Kit is suitable for children of different skill levels. You can create your own clothes, prototypes and products in seconds without the need for code or thread.

3 Star Wars B7493 R2 D2 Electronics

You will bring R2-D2 to life with the Star Wars Smart R2-D2. This interactive and programmable toy robot has 3 game modes. It is also possible to download the free application and turn your smart device into a remote control.

In this case, he can interact with your favorite Star Wars characters. You can go on a mission with R2 and program the toy to do different things. The droid can emit different emotional sounds.

4 Osmo Starter Kit Game System for iPad

Osmo is a technological game that connects the physical and digital world. This educational toy can be played as a family. Almost everyone in the family, big and small, can join the game and have fun together. Operating even without a WiFi connection, Osmo is suitable for all IPad 2, IPad Mini and iPad Air versions.

To install, you have the iPad on the base before putting the red reflector on the camera of the device.

5 EPCTEK 3d Virtual Reality 3D Video Games Glasses VR Helmet

Watch your movies in high quality virtual reality with this headset. Possessing an ergonomic and refined design, the helmet offers a great comfort to its user. The elastic headband can be adjusted according to the head circumference.

The face is released and the eye pressure well managed. The coating of the model has been specially designed to maximize the protection of your eyes. The lens has a high optical quality and limits side effects.

6 Wonder Workshop Set Dash & Dot Robots with Catapult

This toy is intended for children from 6 to 12 years old. Controllable and programmable, Dash & Dot teaches them the details of programming in a fun way. The model uses tangible and visible coding systems.

For the Wonder set, Dash & Dot always comes with different accessories such as a catapult or ego connectors, giving kids new ways to play. The child can record his voice to make the little robot talk.

7 LeapFrog LeapPad Platinum Purple

This learning tablet runs on a Wi-Fi network. With a high resolution, the LeapPad Platinum tablet has a fast and powerful processor. With an elegant design, it has been designed for children from 3 to 9 years old.

Your child can take selfies with this device. We can scan even special cards in the LeapPad Platinum so that the characters can come alive in the device. You can download the games and uninstall them.

8 Sphero Star Wars BB-8

Watch the episode The Force Awakens alongside your droid BB-8. Put it on its charging base. Start the movie and you will see that the little robot is going to have some reactions. You can control your droide via your smartphone or touchpad over a range of 30 meters.

The interactions you generate different expressions to your little mechanical companion. He can even react by voice recognition. Experience patrol mode to get the most out of the toy.

9 Anki Overdrive Radio-Controlled Smartphone Cars

You will only need your Smartphone to start and control the small robotic cars of Anki Overdrive.

Enjoy the best races with 10 track elements that allow you to build and rebuild up to 8 race courses in just a few seconds. The game comes with 2 robotized supercars, including Skull and Groundshock. Both vehicles have their own weapons and technologies. Choose between the tournament mode and the race to the clock.

10 Beasts of Balance Strategy Game

This game of skill and strategy puts players in the place of divine creators. It can be played in groups or solo. The goal is to build worlds to reach the maximum score. For that, it is necessary to stack pieces and to build fabulous towers.

The model offers more than just a standard game of skill. The elements relating to it interact with a world in perpetual evolution. Create your own creatures yourself.

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