Tips For Healthy Hair in Winter Season


In winter months maintaining the hair shiny and soft is a little difficult. In cold weather, it depletes the moisture and results in dry and malnourished hair which causes itchy scalp. Below there are some healthy tips for hair which help to maintain free from all dandruff, rough hair, and itchy scalp.

Protect Your Hair By Wearing Hat

Everyone wants their hair beautiful and voluminous but this will not maintain due to the temperature changes as it is havoc your hair. During cold weather when you move out from the house with wet hair then it is important to wear hat because of the direct contact of cold with hair strands which weaken the hair and can cause breakage. So try to avoid the cold and use hat or scarf to protect it.

Massage your scalp

During the winter season, you must go with the scalp massage. As it enhances the blood and helps to produce natural oil by improving the blood circulation. Massage can be done with natural oils like jojoba, coconut, olive or many. Must ensure that the massage should be done in a circular motion on your scalp.

Trimmed Your Hair

Winter weather makes the hair dry and brittle, in this, the choice of trims make your hair condition good and reduce split ends.

Change Hair Care Routine

Many times people use the same products in their hair which are used in the summer. Products must be used depends on the weather as in winter need to use the product who offer extra good moisture. Using the best cooperative conditioners works good in hair.

Stay hydrated

Dehydration is very important for your hair as well for health. If you’re not hydrated then it’ll be harder to sure that the hair will be healthy. Drink enough water and carry a water bottle which always make you remind to drink water.

Dry Your Hair After Wash

For healthy hair, it’s a good idea to dry the hair in air as this will be take extra time when you use dryers and flat irons. But the natural process of drying is safe and good for hair. Use tools for limited time period will be good. In cold weather the hair will longer duration to dry but it will also decrease the risk of split ends and breakage.

Eat Healthy Fats

Omega-3 fatty acids keep the hair shiny and help to grow naturally Eat avocado, nuts, or salmon to your diet make sure that you are taking enough.

Use Lukewarm Water into Shower

Hot showers is good when their is cold outside but those high temperatures affect the hair as well as scalp. Always try to use lukewarm water when washing hair.

Avoid Overheating Tools For Hair

Heated styling tools not only make your hair bad but it also make it thin. The temperature is only the cause behind slow hair growth. If want to use then always adjust the heating temperature. This will make be safe for your hair and reduce the problem which affect hair loss.

Minimize Your Hair Wash

During the cold season, when you want to do shampoo two or three times a week then you are seriously preventing from hair drying. Frequent wash increase the damage and make happens to break.

These are the best ways which help to maintain your hair in winter. Nowadays many people are facing problem in hair loss and especially in winter season. There are various types of hair loss happen in every season and required treatment from best doctor. Many people looking for clinic who are famous for hair transplant in India. As these doctor are expert in hair loss treatment and recommended by ISHRS, AHRS and ABHRS.


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