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Tips on How to Start Playing Sports at Home

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Fitness at home is a great idea if you want to lose weight and put your body in order, and you have no opportunity to go to the gym for one reason or another. However, we hasten to warn you that this is not a case for a weak character. We have prepared 10 recommendations on how to start playing sports at home with tech tips and tricks.


Perhaps this is one of the key points that need to be repelled. It does not work light and pure dream to be slim, healthy, the most beautiful on the planet and find a guy. Set a specific goal that will motivate you to work towards it. For example, I really want to have slim hips that would look beautiful in skinny jeans. And there is still no way to pay space, as for a student, the amount for a subscription to the hall. Find the very reason that will force you to work on yourself every day.

Find a Place to Train

If you work in an apartment, then find a convenient place for training so that during the exercises you don’t have to rearrange the furniture and be distracted. You should be comfortable to go to full height, jump, swing arms, etc. If there is not enough space in the room, then take care of this in advance, move the table away, spread the rug and enjoy yourself. Morning exercises in the warm season can be done on the street.

Set the Schedule

Discipline is the most important thing. Choose a convenient time for you and the days when you are the least loaded, so as not to miss workouts. Hang the schedule in a prominent place so as not to forget the lessons. Yes, at first it will be difficult to force yourself to train when the sofa and TV shows lure, but the most important thing is to make it a habit.

Choose a Training System

Now on the Internet, anyone can find a suitable online course. On Youtube, there are a huge number of videos that will explain to you how to properly press a press or buttocks. But you should not limit yourself to exercises for a certain zone, give equal time to all parts of the body. Try different programs and see which exercises are right for you. Do not jump over your head and do not start with heavy complexes, otherwise, you may get injured or just be disappointed in your abilities.

 Listen to Your Body

You do not need to start with lifting 50 kg of weights and marathon races, if you hardly do warm-ups (by the way, never forget to warm up before workouts), start with gradual loads, and increase the momentum over time. If it is hard for you to perform certain exercises, and the voice from the screen says that you need to hold out for another 30 seconds, then perform fewer repetitions. Over time, you will get used to and be able to beat your own records.

Create a Playlist

Make a selection of rhythmic music that will motivate you to engage and help keep your tempo right. It is not necessary to turn on the TV or laptop while exercising, it will be distracting.

Do Not Forget About Nutrition

It is foolish to start fighting with your laziness and at the same time eat as before. You need to eat in small portions 4-5 times a day instead of 2-3 large meals. Give preference to protein foods and fibre, and fast carbs should be completely discarded. At first, you can write down everything eaten per day in a notebook or a special program on the phone. So you will see that you make extra snacks in the form of tea with chocolates or sweets brought by a colleague.

Buy Beautiful Sportswear

If you are at home, it does not mean that you need to do lunges and squats in-home workouts. Yes, no one sees you, except for relatives, but beautiful clothes will become a kind of motivation. It’s great to look at yourself in a stylish form, and even observe how with each workout the centimetres from the hips disappear and the waist slowly begins to appear.

 Keep a Diary

Get a notebook or calendar to celebrate your workout days. So you will control yourself and see when there were gaps, and when you adhered to the regime. If you missed a training session on a certain day, then you do not need to catch up on the limit of opportunities for two days in a row, just try not to stray from the schedule. During menstruation do not perform heavy exercises, and if the pain is too strong, then refrain from training.

 Find Like-Minded People

Less training at home is the temptation to skip the workout. You pay money for a fitness room, which in itself is a good motivator, and the trainer will not let you down. Therefore, it is best to negotiate with a friend or boyfriend for joint activities or morning runs. You do not want to appear in the eyes of a close person a weakling who cannot keep his promises?

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