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Tips To Save Money When Shopping Online In India

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Indian shoppers have grown too comfortable with online shopping and according to a TNS Australia study based on Google India metrics, there is a whopping 123% increase in the number of online shoppers in the country since 2011 and the number is still growing.

What makes us Indians, go for online stores rather visiting the local shop? Better discounts of course!

We are money minded people and there’s no way we can let any opportunity to save money pass. However, do you know that with little research you can save even more money when shopping online? Here are going to share some tried and tested tips that will get you the best deals every time while shopping online in India.

Let’s get started.

  1. Unleash the power of comparison shopping

If you count, there are around a dozen credible shopping sites in India including Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra and Paytm Mall. Now if you manually search for the best deals on individual sites it will take time and effort might not be worth it. This is why you use the comparison shopping sites like MySmartPrice, Junglee and Scandid.

These comparison sites use web scraping and XML feeds to list and compare prices from most of the shopping sites saving you a lot of time and effort. The only drawback is some of these comparison sites do not have price data from all the shopping sites, hence, their lowest price might not actually be the lowest in the market.

2. Always look for discount coupon codes

This one is my personal favourite and I always love to save big bucks using coupon codes. A few years back, I used to scrounge the internet to find coupon and promo codes but now there are dedicated websites like that save you from frantically searching for coupon codes.

One of the major disadvantages of using Google for coupon search is that the search results are not quickly refreshed. This results in expired coupons appearing in search results. GreatBuyz, however, lists coupons and promo codes neatly organized by stores and sorted according to the expiry date. You can find active coupon codes for most online shopping websites here. Furthermore, GreatBuyz offers you a service called Streamz using which you can subscribe to your favourite brand or shopping site and receive only relevant discount newsletters directly in your inbox.

3. Keep an active eye on the social web for deals

Almost every online shopping brands have an active Twitter and Facebook account through which they regularly share their offers and deals. If you are a shopaholic or is a brand loyalist, it might be a good idea to follow or like your favourite retails on social media channels to stay in the loop and never miss a deal.

Big names like Flipkart, Amazon and Paytm have dedicated pages for listing offers on the internet and you will always be an advantage by monitoring these pages always. At least, visit these pages once daily to be on the safe side.

4. Earn cash back with money-saving sites

Another excellent way to save money, just like coupon codes is to use cashback websites like CashKaro and Pennyful to get cash back on your online purchases. The only requirement is that you visit shopping websites via the links shared by these cashback websites.

You simply create an account with any on these websites and then you are provided with links for various retailer sites where you can avail the cashback offers. Once the payment threshold is reached, the cashback amount is paid to you.

5. Research online for shopping offline

Easily finding out about the discounts of online stores is a lot easier as compared to researching the same with local stores. However, to help you, there are websites like PriceBaba that aggregate prices offered by offline retailers in a city along with their address and phone numbers should you decide to make a purchase.

All you have to do is to contact the retailer and ask for their discount offers or even ask for quoting better prices. It’s as simple as that.

6. Go incognito

Most shopping sites use something called the ‘dynamic pricing’ methodology to show different prices to different customers. More common with travel websites, you are shown prices for a product or service based on your geo-location and previous browsing history. Cookies are used to track your internet usage and based on that information prices are dynamically adjusted.

Much less prevalent on the Indian shopping websites, yet it is advised to use incognito browsing to save yourself from the vicious circle of dynamic pricing. When you browse privately the shopping websites treat you as a new customer and you are able to enjoy discounts just like any other customer.

7. Keep items in the wishlist

Another sneaky way to easily save money when shopping online is to keep the items you want to buy in your wish list. Next time the price of any item in the list drops you will be notified through an email or app notification.

Right now, Flipkart and Amazon both support this feature but other e-commerce websites are quickly catching up with this email marketing technique. However, to make use of this trick you need to make an account with the shopping site and keep it logged in. Then only you will be able to receive alerts.

A pro tip is to make a separate email account for shopping online so that you can use it for receiving price drop alerts and other promotions without cluttering your primary email account.

8. Wait for festive sales

While all of the above tips can be used any time, you are shopping online to save money and avail cash back, but if you don’t need to buy stuff urgently wait for important shopping sales offered by online stores like Flipkart’s Big Billion Days or Amazon’s Great Indian Sale.

Indians spend a lot during festival days and if you have the patience then you can save some serious buck making use of huge discounts.  

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