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Top 5 bungee jumping spots in the world you must visit

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A sport avoided by the faint-hearted, bungee jumping is an all-time favourite recreational activity across the globe. Vouched for wholeheartedly by those who have already experienced the thrill and excitement of taking that one step off the edge, this activity is what you need to try if you are looking for the right dose of fun and adventure.

Bungee jumping is an adventure sport that involves jumping off a tall (typically fixed) structure while tied to an elastic cord. The first bungee jump took place in Bristol by three members of the Oxford University Dangerous Sports club in 1979. Ever since then, the popularity of this sport has boomed and there are jumping spots available across the globe.

Jumping right into our list, the top 5 bungee jumping spots in the world, ranked in order of their popularity, safety and facilities, are as follows. Our trip begins in central Europe.

1.Niouc Bridge, Switzerland

Niouc Bridge is one of the highest suspension bridge in the world. Standing at a height of 623 feet over the Navizence river and surrounded by scenic mountains and valleys, the bridge has earned its spot in our list of top 5 bungee jumping spots.

Located in Niouc Village, the area is perfect to combine a biking trip with the adventure sport. Carry your biking gear till the nearest city and then complete the rest of the journey on your bikes to make your entire trip much more memorable. Make sure to pack the right bike accessories. Prepare for an adventurous weekend as the same area also offers zip lining amongst the snow-capped Swiss Alps and a giant swing. Refer Bungy Niouc for details and bookings.

The starting rates at Niouc Bridge is 210 CHF.

2.Macau Tower, Macau, China

At a height of 764 feet, the Macau Tower in China is one of the highest bungee jumping spots in the world. An immensely popular tourist destination, this tower is an important landmark in Macau City. Apart from acting as a jumping spot, the adventure zone at the tower also offers tower climb, skywalk, and sky jump.

Booking a spot at this tower comes in an enticing package – a certificate, t-shirt, videos and photographs, the tower ticket and the jump itself at the price of 3988 dollars. For more details, refer Macau Towers.

3. Verzasca Dam, Ticino, Switzerland

The second spot featured on this list from the land of the Alps, the Verzasca Dam stands at 720 feet. This dam, known for its surrounding scenic environment, was also featured in GoldenEye, a classic James Bond movie. Experienced jumpers can try jumping with their back facing the drop as a bonus to the already thrilling experience.

There are trains from Locarno City to the dam and you are allowed to jump from this spot even after sundown, a feature unique to this spot. The basic jump pricing starts at 195 CHF and can go up to 255 CHF.

4. Bloukrans Bridge, Western Cape, South Africa

Across the ocean to the land of craggy cliffs, lush Wineland,  and beautiful beaches, South Africa is our next go-to destination. Bloukrans Bridge in the Western Cape is Africa’s biggest bridge. The experience involves using a zip line from the bank to the top of the arch and then bungee jump at a whopping height of 790 feet. After the bunch, there is a winch ride back to the top of the arch where there is a walkway with a spectacular view of the river. The minimum age for the jump is 14 whereas the walkway is open to 6-year-olds so children are most certainly welcome.
Keeping the weather and day’s adventure in mind, loose comfortable clothes like a romper dress or shorts are recommended.

The starting price is Rs 950 and includes free photography. Face Adrenaline allows you to check available slots and book one at your convenience.

5. Cairns Bridge, Australia

Surrounded by the Cairns rainforest, this bungee jumping spot in Australia makes it to our top 5 spots across the world. Cairns Bridge stands 50m above the tropical ground and is the only major bungee jumping spot in Australia. Perfect for adrenaline junkies, this site allows 16 different jumpstyle. The overall view of the forest and the Great Barrier Reef is available and this spot is the highest viewing point in all of Cairns. The site is surrounded by lush green rainforest and offers picnic spots, sundeck and a fully licensed bar. Starting from 139 dollars, the package includes exclusive bungee jumping shirts and jump certificates. Book your entire day by driving down to the bridge for a picnic and some down time before the jump. Make sure to carry all the necessities along with you on a sturdy roof rack.

Outside of this list, there a few more exceptional jumping spots that you may wish to choose based on pricing or distance.

Royal George Suspension Bridge hangs 955 feet over the River Arkansas in the US. An annual three-day festival is held there for bungee jumping.

At 525 feet, Nepal’s longest suspension bridge, The Last Resort, Bhote Kosi River is also a popular bungee jumping spot and is one of the most popular ones in all of Asia. Each jump per person will cost around NPR 2300.

With the list behind us, here are a few things to keep in mind before planning for your bungee jumping trip.

  1. An adventure sport is most definitely an exciting way to spend your weekend. However, make sure to only choose to go on such a trip if you are ready – both physically and mentally.
  2. Bring a friend as enthusiastic as you are to share this memorable experience. While solo adventures are not out of the norm, the more the merrier!
  3. Wear comfortable clothes and follow the jump master’s instructions at all times. Pick safe and reputed companies to plan your jump with to ensure your safety and well being at all times.

Onwards, fellow thrillseekers, to a new adventure!

Author’s Bio: “Jessica Smith has been writing for a few years now. She is a writer by day and reader by night. She loves reading, be it a newspaper, a book or anything. She also loves cooking, traveling and dancing. She wants to be a successful writer as writing is her passion. She wants to travel the whole world as travelling helps her calm her body as well as mind and explore fashion and style game around the world”.

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