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Top 7 Places to Visit on a Solo Vacation in Kashmir

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Travelling alone in a new land amidst unknown people, places and culture will sound crazy to those who have never gone on such a trip. It’s not going to be easy if you are thinking about a solo visit to the earthly paradise, Kashmir. You will hear remarks from near ones such as “Are you insane?” “It’s not safe” etc. but remember this is going to be the best experience of your entire life!

Solo travelling gives you a chance to explore the new horizons and meet people outside your own self-made small world. Yes, you will be out of your comfort zone without your friends and family by your side. But trust me; it will help you to know a new side of yourself. What could be better than Himalaya Mountains for a solo visit? So, fasten up your seat belt and embark on this exciting journey to know which places are best for your solo trip visit to Kashmir.

Srinagar – An Epitome of Natural Beauty:

Exploring the capital city of Kashmir must be on the top of your list. This colourful city with its natural charm is one of the reasons why Kashmir is known as ‘heaven on the earth’.

The vibrant Shikara boats, sparkling lakes surrounded by icy mountains, enthralling vistas are ready to become your travel buddies so that you won’t feel alone! Spend your days while capturing the beauty of Dal and Nageen Lake or enjoying activities such as bird watching, water skiing, trekking and golfing. Admiring natural panoramas during the fancy houseboat stay will make your nights as enchanting as days!

Leh – Every Solo Traveller’s Dream:

Nothing can be more adventurous than accelerating your beast on the bumpy and blood-chilling roads of Leh if you are a biker. The trend of the solo bike trip to Leh is spreading like an epidemic.

So, trekking and mountain biking on the steep roads of Leh will add spark to your Kashmir tour. The royal architecture of pacifying Gompas such as Hemis Monastery, Alchi Monastery, Spituk Monastery and Matho Monastery will evoke the feeling of utmost respect in your heart for Buddhism.

Gulmarg – The Land of Flowers:

Gulmarg is known as skier’s heaven due to the famous sky touching cable cars and snow-clad hills. Adventure enthusiasts can’t miss the action-packed activities offered here. There are plenty of options to amaze you such as trekking, mountain biking, snowboarding, fishing etc. you can even book your favourite activities with cable car ride in your Kashmir tour package beforehand to avoid end moment hustle. You will surely become a nature lover after witnessing the magical scenarios at Kongdori, Shark fin and Apparwath peak.

Sonmarg – The Meadow of Gold:

Sonmarg is a living example of pristine beauty and greenery. You won’t need any company while visiting Sonmarg as the natural landscape of this place is appealing enough to steal your entire attention! The unending flower stream, untainted trekking paths and pure lakes make this land super attractive for tourists. You can also explore Baltal which is used as the base camp for sacred Amarnath Yatra. Experience the freezing temperature at Zijila Pass which connects Kashmir with Ladakh.

Kupwara – Kashmir’s Tiara:

No place can be better than Kupwara for the attainment of inner peace. The tranquil meadows, alpine mountains, clear water streams provide incomparable beauty to Kupwara.

Are you a bitten by the bug of curiosity? If yes, then you can satiate your curiosity about Kashmir’s history by visiting some villages like Karnah, Keran and Gushi. Although people usually hold certain prejudices about Kashmiri locals, after interacting with them you would be able to clear all such misconceptions.

Kargil – The Land of Bravery:

You must have heard the name of Kargil in many patriotic movies. Visiting this brave land which has faced many conflicts will surely invoke your patriotic feelings. Perched at an altitude of 2800 meters above the sea level, it is the land where India and Pakistan meet. Don’t forget to pack your hoodies and stylish caps as you would need it in the bone-chilling temperature of Kargil. This place is the hub of trekkers, mountaineers, rafters and campers. If you want to go for mountaineering expeditions, then the Nun Mountains holds endless opportunities for you. Drass excursion can be opted to see places like Mushkoo Valley and Tiger Hill.

Pulwama – Land of Colourful Saffron Meadows:

Give a treat to all of your senses by visiting Pulwama! The multi-coloured saffron fields, clear blue sky, the fragrance of meadows and amiable people will make you forget about your own city life. The culture of Pulwama is as beautiful as its landscape. The alluring natural water springs are waiting for you at Aripal Nag.

You can find plenty of sightseeing places here including Tarsar Lake, Shikargarh (for wildlife lovers), Marsar Lake, Nagberan etc. Know the lifestyle of locals at the scenic town of Nagberan. Get the endless blessings of gods and goddesses at the Avantishwar Temple.

You have to be confident and energetic to make your Kashmir solo trip a successful outing. If you are not sure of which place to choose or how can you utilise every minute of your tour, then you can go for Kashmir tour packages. They will plan each and everything for you in advance to make this solo trip more happening for you. So, chuck your device and start packing your stuff as surprise trips are much more exciting than planned ones!

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