Top 8 Advantages of using Magento as an E-Commerce Store Development


The last decade or two has witnessed a phenomenal growth of e-commerce and online shopping experience.  Rapid economic growth and the fast lifestyle that it has fueled has created a huge demand for online shopping. A number of technology innovators came up with solutions catering to the e-commerce industry. Some were licensed solutions that had to be purchased, while others were developed as open source. A front-runner in e-commerce Open Source Development is Magento.

Magento is an enterprise level e-commerce development platform available as open source. It is enriched with a host of features and provides extreme flexibility and scalability.  It is powered to work seamlessly across platforms and handle heavy traffic loads with ease. Let us now review Magento and its endless list of feature.

Here are Top 8 Advantages of using Magento as an E-Commerce Store Development.

#1: Responsive and mobile-ready development platform:

Applications created using Magento are highly responsive. They work across devices, regardless of screen size or type of browser used. The CSS-Styling controlled by JavaScript programming helps Magento programmers deliver e-commerce applications that are fully adaptable to the display platform.

#2: User-friendly pricing and feature adaptability across geographies:

Magento follows a structured pricing model and lets users manage their geographic and currency preferences. This enables store owners and customers to perform transactions seamlessly without any hassles. Support for currency conversion, multi-language support, and customization of reports to suit language preferences are all premium features that attract more users to Magento.

#3: Open Source Programming Platform:

Magento is an open source development platform. This means the source code is open for public view and there are no restrictions for programmers as to how they use it, as long as they abide by common legal agreements. This, in turn, gives greater room for customization and creation of reusable components. It is also easy to understand the implementation and develop applications with ease.

#4: Action-packed features:

  • Structured navigation flow across the application
  • Provisions for advanced search, comparison of products, multiple stores, and shopping cart.
  • Ability to reorder
  • No upload limit for
  • Support for import of data through spreadsheets
  • Integration support with major banks and payment gateways
  • B2B and B2C support
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Technical training, documentation support

#5: End to end support for online shopping experience:

  • Buyer friendly dashboard with a clear snapshot of the user’s activities including recent transactions, history and order status.
  • Email updates on order status and newsletters of latest offers, updates to user-agreements and general announcements.
  • Secure shopping experience
  • Contact us form that is integrated with the customer support
  • Multi-address storage support
  • Ability to create and modify Wishlists.
  • Clean shopping cart experience with one-page-checkout
  • Creation and management of Product Reviews

#6: Inventory and data management support for online stores:

Magento offers support for multiple warehouses and multiple stocks. Store owners can track live inventory of stocks and hence optimize procurement and storage of stocks as per the current inventory levels. Store owners are empowered to sell both their own warehouse stocks as well as products from other suppliers virtually. Magento gives complete power to the store owner to manage his inventory. It also includes features for import of inventory data from other platforms.

#7: Integration of SEO and other related marketing tools, extensive reporting features:

Magento offers integration support with many of Google’s services like Google Checkout and Google Analytics. This helps Magento applications harness powerful features like website traffic monitoring, traffic driven feedback, and order processing. These integrations help to draw an increasing number of users to Magento.

Magento has its own inbuilt marketing tools as well. They include catalog Price Rules and Cart Price rules that get triggered based on defined conditions. These tools are used for the promotional purpose and help accelerate sales. Support for customized emails and availability of templates as part of marketing outreach are other marketing tools. Magento also offers SEO support features like sitemap, search keywords and terms, search synonyms and URL rewriting to manage URLs and avoid inaccessible or broken links.

#8: Scalability and Integration support:

Magento operates with a layered architecture for optimized performance and scalability. Web pages are designed to be quick and responsive. Response times from server are accelerated to suit heavy traffic and data transfer. The database is designed to handle extremes of data size and peak traffic conditions. This ensures that Magento can be scaled to handle as low as 100 products or as high as hundreds and hundreds of products with the same responsiveness.

Magento is also designed to include add-ons to enhance its existing features and provide customizations for specific industries and end users.


It is this versatility and feature-rich services of Magento that helps it draw more and more users and businesses across the world. Maintaining its performance with the changing e-commerce landscape and introducing features from time to time, is the way forward for this amazing e-commerce web development platform.

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Kavya gajjar is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs which is Web design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow by Magento Website Development Company  Services  . I would love to share thoughts on Social Media Marketing Services and Game Design Development etc.


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