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India’s Next Top Model and other similar displays have changed how we look at trend models. We’re thankful for how far we have come as a nation and so proud of how Indian Fashion versions have created a name in the fashion universe against all of the odds. A number of them have left it big not only in India, but globally too, and we could not be more proud. It is no simple feat, and that is why they are still an inspiration to women who wish to take up this as a livelihood. Let us look at the best fashion models in India, and their tales. Check out them.

1. Aishwarya Rai

Okay, in case your initial response to this is WHAT?!! We will need to speak. We all know her as a celebrity and Miss Universe, however, she had been a version much before some of this, just how can I not begin this post with Aishwarya? There is nobody quite like that Mangalore attractiveness with such lovely eyes, hair, and skin. However, we’re thankful she started off as a version — as how else could we have found this beauty?

2. Padma Lakshmi

The damsel out of Chennai, who had been the mother of supermodels of India, made a name for himself before cultural diversity was something. This was pure serendipity that a representative found her in a quaint cafe in Madrid, Spain, and the rest is now history. Her Paris Week mission was just a beginning for her modeling career, and she became a supermodel because dusky beauties had begun to develop into something. Padma Lakshmi is famous for being the judge ‘Masterchef Australia’, has acted in movies and TV shows, and composed her own cookbook. She traipsed through numerous odds both professionally and personally, that is exactly what makes her an inspiration for countless everywhere.

3. Archana Akhil Kumar

Another diva out of Bangalore who had been uncovered directly out of school. She walked into the Paris Fashion Week — and this is exactly what all version fantasies are made from. Following her stint in the Paris Fashion Week, she awakened another major break when she had been requested to take part in’Elite Appearance Of The Year’ at 2011 and forced it to the last few. She has since been shuttling to and from New York, Paris, London and the rest of the huge style destinations. It has been around 7 years which this twenty-something model put her foot right into modelling, but she’s still enormous in the business.

4. Bhumika Arora

Bhumika Arora, a title you’d have heard of if you’re even remotely into style, fashion, modelling, etc.. Following the heritage of Anjali Mendes, Ujjwala Raut, along with other Indian supermodels that shot the Indian modeling arena into another level, we’ve got individuals like Bhumika Arora amongst other people which are taking the baton. At 26, she walked the ramp in the Paris Fashion Week and moved out another 3 years with large names simply getting added into the listing. From sharing cover pages on magazines such as’Elle’ into a single cover story on Vogue, also making it into the Forbes’30 Under 30 List’, Bhumika Arora is a fighter also provides us inspiration for all of the ideal reasons.

5. Nina Davuluri

While there is a great deal of fluff about her being more American than Indian, we or anybody can’t deny the world celebrated cultural diversity together with her. She hosts a series called’Made in America’ that broadcasts on Zee TV America. She overcome all odds to be where she is, and that is the sort of inspiration we can all use.

6. Lakshmi Menon

Lakshmi Menon is among the very few Indian style models who has always been working with International model agencies in the time she started modelling. Givenchy, Alexander Wang, Chanel, Stella McCartney, etc., are only a couple of big names she walked the ramp for. She’s not a typecast of a dusky Indian attractiveness working her manner towards ridding minuscule roles in Hollywood. From magazine covers to editorials around US, UK, and Europe, Lakshmi Menon has put the world on fire.

7. Nicole Faria

Nicole, who’s from Bengaluru, always understood she had a strong affinity for modelling, also wished to make it big in the business. And, that is exactly what she did. She has ever since been a staple in the runways, style displays, magazine cover, and everything supermodel-like!

8. Angela Jonsson

Angela Jonsson isn’t your typical Indian version — her mom is out of Mangalore and dad is out of Iceland. Her career took off when she was signed up to the Kingfisher Calendar at 2011, that was and remains a major thing. From analyzing dance and taking yoga up to be a teacher and becoming a supermodel, Angela has a great deal of firsts for her name. A lot of magazine covers followed her big stint, and there’s been no looking back to her.

9. Radhika Nair

Radhika Nair is the first Indian version to walk the ramp for Balenciaga because of the Spring/Summer collection 2017. She was popularly known as that woman with curled hair’ and functioned for brands that were significant right after producing her debut. If something, stories such as these give us reassurance that diversity still exists and offer enough approval for us or anybody else aspiring for a supermodel.

How inspirational are they? By runways to magazine covers, red rugs, etc., all of these have many’firsts’! You know what they say,’If you need something, do it challenging or do not do it all’. Who is your favourite supermodel out of India? And, what do you enjoy about her? Let us know by falling at a message in the comments section below.

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