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Top Five Dangers of Using the Internet

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It is said that internet is a blessing. And it is true to a great extent. We see how people are connected to each other and life has become really facile for millions of people. We can do business, talk to anyone anywhere in the world, enjoy video calls, play games, watch videos and do a lot of stuff. From business point of view, the internet has just revolutionized everything dramatically.

Everything has good as well as bad effects. The positive effects of the internet are countless and it has become a part of everyone’s life. Now, life without the internet is extremely boring and dull. We are living in the digital world now where if internet is disconnected for few minutes, the life is paralyzed. All this is because of our dependence on the internet and to do everything we need the internet.

Apart from this, the internet has offered us so many ways for entertainment. We can play video games, watch movies, use social media, enjoy news as well as talk to anyone whenever we want. We can spend hours without any feel of tiredness on the internet. This is not just about the adults and young people; teens are also internet addicts. The sad part is, we have never thought about the dangers or risks associated with the internet. Today, we are going to discuss the dangers of the internet and how we can avoid these.

Theft of Personal Information

There was a time when office records, important data and sensitive details were documented. But now everything is available online. Every business has a website where they have all the information. Even customers use these sites for purchasing services and products. However, the risks of losing this data as well as user information are huge. Yahoo, Facebook and many other tech giants have suffered data breaches in the recent past. Companies do their best to protect the data and user details but the hackers still manage to access such details and information. Without the internet, it was not possible.

Access to Adult Content

Pornhub every year releases details regarding users, its use, country wise stats and details like which kind of content users search and view. Every person who has an internet connection can access such content and porn videos. Even teens are using their phones to view and watch adult content. Many have become internet addicts. They also use dating sites to find their partners. Apart from this, the effects of watching porn content on brain are really harmful. Many reasons can be given in favor but the damage is done and it cannot be reverted.

Online Scams and Frauds

With popularity of the internet, online buying and selling has become pretty common. This has in many ways helped out people to order products and get them delivered to their home without going anywhere and spending the extra amount. However, the online scams and frauds have grown with this. Many sellers or retailers ship fake products to the customers when they have made payments. If we just go to a shop and purchase something after checking it, we can get quality products. Where internet made things easy for us, it has brought fraud and scam to us as well.

Internet Addiction for Young Brains

No parents want their kids to ruin their life on the internet. But it has so much for a young brain to be engaged for hours without noticing how dangerous or harmful it can be. Now, people spend hours on the internet sitting on their chairs and making any movements. This has affected the health of users. Moreover, the effects of radiations from the screen on eyes as well as body are really harmful. People destroy their health as well as deteriorate the mental health with excessive use of the internet.

Social Media and Cyberbullying

Social media platforms became popular just because of the internet. Many people have purchased phones just for the social sites. Further in this regard have contributed the internet companies who offer free packages and data for social sites. Teens use these sites and are bullied. Cyberbullying has become pretty common. Parents should do something to deal with cyberbullying and protect their teens online.

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