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Tubesaver apk | Download & Install Tubesaver App for Android!

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Tubesaver is an outstanding video downloader tool that helps in saving videos for offline use from all popular video streaming sites like Youtube, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Line, and various other channels. The application is highly beneficial in downloading more or less all kinds of videos from all over the internet. The application has a very simple and straight forward interface featuring the various popular streaming websites in the application’s interface.

It supports all kinds of video downloading formats and downloads any video file within seconds in full HD quality. Not just limited to the videos, the application also helps user download TV series episodes, movies, plays from countries all over the world like India, United States, Japan, Britain, China etc. The application’s convenient features make it suitable for use by all kinds of users and even let them convert the video files in Mp3 and Mp4 file formats. Tubesaver is a very good application for Android users.

Features of Tubesaver Application

  1. Web video Downloading

The application unlike the other downloading tools not just helps in downloading videos from the featured channels but also save videos from all kinds of websites across the internet. So the users in this case if unable to find the targeted result can search anywhere on the internet by just copying the URL and pasting it in the application’s interface.

2. Simple UI

The application features a user-friendly interface having all the channels featured in its main page like Youtube, liveleak, Vimeo, Tumblr, Vine, Instagram, Metacafe, Vevo, Dailymotion and plenty of channels to choose from. It also consists of a search bar at the top of the main page for searching videos from across the web. The application let users easily switch between the search engine and the application’s interface.

3. Downloading Feature

The application allows users to download videos in different resolutions starting from the lower, medium to high-quality videos. Users need to click open the videos they want to download and click on the small arrow to start instant downloading from the featured channels. However, to download videos from across the web, the user needs to copy and paste the URL. Users can also download the audio files from the video in Mp3 file format.

4. Download Manager

The application features a Downloading option separately clicking on which users can keep a track on the downloaded files, see how much of the download process has been completed with the help of Download bars, play and resume the files directly from the download interface and also delete the ones which are not required.

How to Download Tubesaver application

  1. a) All android users need to download Tubesaver application from the third party source as it is not available in Google Play Store & 9apps games.
  2. b) The APK file featuring the latest version of the application can be downloaded from here 9apps download apk.
  3. c) To install the file from the third party source, users need to enable ‘Unknown Sources’ from Settings and then complete the installation process to launch it in their device.


TubeSaver due to its simplicity is recommended for all kinds of users to download any videos within seconds in their smartphones and other Android devices.

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