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Turkey-The home of Cooks

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Turkey is the owner of proud-feeling history of Ottoman Empire who ruled for years on many parts of the world which has gifted the half European and half Asian land with different historical buildings like Topaki Palace, Blue Mosque and so on (you can find many names in the assignments of every thesis writing service submissions) and brought such foods in its time whose aromas can still be felt.

Turkey has so many foods to eat for tourists. Yet, some of those must-try foods are:

  1. Manti: The sauces topped Manti is always number one of every other traveler. Manti is the traditional dish of Turkey. It is made from the meat of lamb. Its boiled small pieced topped with spices and sauces give thrilling taste to the taste buds. That’s why it is made in every home and liked by natives too! So taste it and have it with butter or yogurt!
  2. Lahmacun: stuffed bread, Lahmacun is the street food of Turkey. It looks like pizza in first appearance. Like pizza, it has round bread. Yet, the bread is topped with minced meat of lamb, lemon juice and salad. It can be eaten as slices or as a roll by wrapping it round and round. Try it with parsleys and tomatoes.
  3. Sis Kebabs: Turkey is the originator of kebabs. That’s the reason why it is the street food of the country if heritages. The kebabs made of either fish or lamb is served in metal rods. And its taste is too long lasting. Thus, it gives tasters a new experience when they have it with yoghurt.
  4. Menemen: The scrambled eggs cooked with onions and spices or Menemen is a treat to eat. It is the traditional breakfast of Natives. So, if you don’t like eggs, do eat it in Turkish way, because its spicy scrambled eggs which can be eaten with bread and olives will fall you in love with Menemen.
  5. Doner: Whenever you go to Turkey, always remember to push your hunger away with Diner. Doner is kebab, vegetables and spices filled sand which tastes too good when have it with turkey dips. The dish can also have meat of lamb or fish. But all kinds of meat or kebab is cooked on rotisserie. Thus, veggie dressings, pity bread and slow cooked soft meat make the diners must-try.
  6. Kofte: The meatballs are the must try dish of Turkey. Kofte are not less those meatballs of west. It is made from beef or lamb. You can find it on streets too where it is used sell in wraps with salads. On the other hand, the dish is also cooked at the homes of natives too. So try it with salads and stewed. But , if you think you cannot have it because, you are vegetable lover. Then, don’t worry, because the kofte are also made from veggie too. So have this street food of Turkey, and enjoy the culture.
  7. Iskender Kebab: Tomato flavored long stripped like Iskender Kebabs is all time favorite dish of Turkey’s residents and tourists of the country between Europe and Asia. The long stripped kebabs are topped with butter and tomato sauce and then the kebabs are fried. Try it with Pita bread.
  8. Yarpak Sarma: Yarpak Sarma should be given a try. This traditional food of Turkey is prepared by wrapping vine leaves around steamed filling of rice, onion, mint, cinnamon, pepper and currant. The dish is not easy to prepare, but it is worthy to prepare and to eat!
  9. Dhish: Dhush is a Mediterranean cuisine which is found beyond Turkey. It is prepared by filling dried eggplants, vegetables, tomatoes, peppers or zucchinis with rice and onion’s mixture and then cooking it in water and butter.
  10. Borek: This meat, cheese and spinach filled flaky pastry or Borek is sold everywhere in Turkey. The dish is sold in Mediterranean, Levant and Balkans too. Borek can be baked as puffs, lasagna, small pastries, or big rolls. It’s up to you that what you want. Sesame seeds’ sprinkled borek is taste-buds’ favoring dish!!
  11. Durum: Durum is agreed food of Turkey. Like burrito, it has filling of meat, fish or lamb with spices and vegies in flatbread. Then the roll or stuffed bread is cooked slowly to serve it to customers.
  12. Pilav: If you love butter and white rice, then you will find too craving creator. Butter and water cooked rice has eggplants, chicken, chickpeas, thyme, peppers, cumin and many other things. Thus, pilav is plain rice, filled with the flavors of different vegetables and meat.
  13. Pide: Pide or Turkish Pizza is not less than a must-try. It has flatbread which is baked in wood-fire oven stuffed with different sauces and meat. Many cooks even break an egg on it after baking it and make the pide, the breakfast pide. There are many inns and restaurants of pride in Turkey.
  14. Kurufasulye: That’s another dish from Turkey which is made with different beans abdc tomato that are mixed to make strong and flavorsome gravy. You can have it with flatbread or homemade bread.

So , these are must-try spicy dishes of Turkey.

Turkey offers so many sweet dishes, but the ones you should try are too craving-creator. Some of them those, taste-buds loving sweet dishes are:

  1. Turkish delight: Everyone has heard about Turkish delight! Turkish delight is very special sweet dish of Turkey. These are actually cubes of jelly which are covered with coconut or icing sugars. The shops sell them in beautiful boxes. It will be more delighted to have them with Turkish Tea which is rich in thick foam and taste.
  2. Maras Dondurma: Maras Donfurma is Turkish ice cream which has too distinctive taste and texture than others. It has smoky natural taste in the beginning and its smooth texture makes it softer than Italian ice creams. It has roots of orchids too that make the ice cream thick. The vendors in their own clothes that make them different from others sell cones too of it. So try the cone and experience the flavor.

Turkey is not only the home of ancient buildings and museums, but it is also the huge canopy of traditional kitchens, restaurants, inns and cooks who can give you what others can’t.

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