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What Can You Do In Rajasthan in 5 Days

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You cannot help but think of the grandeur and wealth of the Rajput Kings of the bygone era when the beautiful state of Rajasthan pops up in your conversation. True, you know bits and snatches of the place and have learned about the magical Thar Desert at school but that is only second hand knowledge.

You have to be there to experience the desert, formidable forts as well as the architectural wonders of the land. So, do not waste a single moment, Get prepared for visiting this awesome land, located at the Western edge of India.  Grab the best of the Rajasthan holiday packages offered to you and fulfill a long suppressed desire i.e. relive life King size literally by touring Rajasthan extensively. So what if you have only 5 days to spare.

You can still get to view the brilliant sights that will have you hankering for more. Here is just the itinerary designed for you. Do take a look and begin the journey. Bon Voyage!


You just cannot go elsewhere but begin your tour of Rajasthan from the capital city itself. Jaipur, also known as the pink city will astound you in many ways.  Visit the City Palace to see how the royalty lives today but do not miss the other grand monuments of this beautiful city.

The ancient observatory of Jantar Mantar will make you wonder at the scientific mind beating within the years old heart while the lofty and narrow Hawa Mahal with its majestic structure will definitely live up to your expectations.  

The Amber Fort will evoke the past while the armory at the Jaipur Fort will hold you spellbound. Remember to shop for the special jewelry of Rajasthan and adorn yourself in the colorful, local garments bought from Johari Bazaar.


Head out to the desert if you have enough of manmade treasures and experience the wilderness of the vast desert in this quaint town that is built out of yellow sandstone. The shining Golden Fort of Jaisalmer has been the vantage point of many a movie but it is a trip to the Sam Sand Dunes that will take your breath away, literally.

Feel akin to an Arab Bedouin atop a camel and watch the sand turn a fiery shade of red during sunset. You might also choose to pass the evening at a camp erected out of tents and enjoy the musical performance by the locals.

Jaisalmer is also famous for its intricate havelis and the Gadsisar Lake.  Remember to check these out for finding the pulse of the city.

Ajmer Sharif

Known as one of the most sacred places for the believers of Islam, Ajmer is home to the tomb of the pious Moinuddin Chisti. People of the Muslim faith gather here from across the subcontinent and you would be mesmerized by the moving ceremony and thousands of tongue being spoken at the Dargah Sharif.

Do not forget to visit Akbar’s Palace turned into a museum that has a huge collection of weaponry sourced from both the Rajput and Mughal Army. Head off to Pushkar and take holy dip in the lake if you happen to be a staunch Hindu though.

Pay your respects to the creator of the world by visiting the Jagatpita Brahma Mandir here and satiate your palate by digging into the sweet and sticky Malpuas. Feel free to stop by the beautiful lakes of Anasagar and Foy Sagar and visit as many of the Jain and Hindu temples on the way.

Mount Abu

Do head out into the Aravalli Hills for a cooling off after experiencing the heat of the desert. This is a tiny hill station located on the border between Rajasthan and Gujarat and is known for being a tourist friendly location. The collection of five Jain shrines at the Dilwara Temple is world famous with numerous people coming down here from far flung regions of the earth.

The architecture created out of white marble stone is intricate and detailed with the ornate pillars being a joy to behold. Hop into your vehicle and rest at the Nakki Lake while having a picnic lunch on the grass. You can also opt to go boating on the clear waters and watch the amazing play of the sun dipping below the horizon in the evening. Try to snatch a visit to the wild life sanctuary on the mountainous region and spot as many of the animals as possible.


End the last and final day with a bang by starting the day with a stop at Udaipur. Visit the city palace on the banks of the Pichola Lake and be amazed by its sheer size and opulence. The vintage motor museum is a must see for all automobile enthusiasts where you can witness many of the world famous models and learn of their history. Take some time off to relax at Saheliyon Ki Bari, a garden built for the pleasure of the Queen.

Begin the last leg of your Rajasthan tour by heading out for Chittorgarh, the historical location, famous for many tales of valor and sacrifice. No one can bypass the grandeur of Chittorgarh Fort that holds much of the historical evidences inside.

It was originally built to include 84 water bodies with only 22 remaining today. You would be regaled with historical accounts by the guides offering their services for a price. However, Padmini Palace inside the fort had been in the News recently with controversies taking place over the Hindi film Padmavat that narrates the incident of the Queen preferring death to being captured by Alauddin Khilji, the Sultan of Delhi.

Make sure to pay homage at the Kalika Mata Temple before visiting the Meera Temple and watch the devotional center stage of Mirabai who prayed to Lord Krishna here.  Take a respite from history and religion by stopping over at the Sitamata Sanctuary and watch the animals in their natural habitat before returning to Udaipur and ending the tour made possible by choosing one of the best Rajasthan holiday packages ever.

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