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Why Darjeeling and Sikkim are Paradise for Solo Travellers

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Solo travellers usually look for the destinations which are beautiful enough to capture all their attention, and peaceful enough to let them enjoy their own company. Yes, the motive for solo travelling is very different from normal travelling. The solo travellers want to explore their trip location all alone to know it in a better way. But which destination can be best for such travelling? However, travellers are exploring various unknown realms nowadays but, no destination can be better than a place perched in stunning Himalayan ranges!

We are going to talk about the two most beautiful destinations in northeast India, Darjeeling and Sikkim, which can make your solo trip a heavenly treat. You can plan to visit both of them in a single trip as you can cover the distance between these two places in some hours via car. One can also avail Sikkim Darjeeling packages in which travel planners club both of these destinations with amazing itinerary.  As a solo traveller, you should know the best places of Darjeeling and Sikkim before going for the trip.

Best Places in Darjeeling for Solo Trip:

Tiger Hill:

A trip to a hill station like Darjeeling will be incomplete without exploring its mighty mountains. Don’t think too much, nature will be your best buddy on this solo trip! Get ready with your snow boots to climb one of the highest mountains. The reward of so much hustle will be fresh first rays of the sun at the top of Tiger Hills. Want to boast about it later? Then capture the magical moments of sunrise on your camera. The serenity of snowy mountains can be enjoyed best alone.

Padmaja Naidu Zoological Park:

Exploring the mountains without meeting some snow leopard? Nah, it doesn’t sound cool! You can enhance your solo trip by fixing an adventurous date with wild animals. Maybe you guessed it; we are talking about visiting Padmaja Naidu Zoological Park. Situated downwards from Jawahar road, it houses the unique flora and fauna of Darjeeling. Along with many Himalayan animal species, you can also see snow leopards and red pandas in this zoo.

Peace Pagoda:

Sometimes all you need is calm surroundings and positive vibes. If you also feel like having it, then you should visit the Buddhist Stupa, Peace Pagoda. People used to construct these structures as a symbol of peace in ancient times. Meditating in the tranquil atmosphere of Peace Pagoda can still infuse inner peace into your soul. Located adjacent to Nipponzan Myohoji Buddhist Temple, this marvellous Stupa displays four avatars of Lord Buddha.

Rock Garden:

Solo travelling is fun when you get to meet tourists of various nations and involve into an exciting conversation. The artificial garden with rich flora, waterfalls and bridges is perfect place for this purpose. You can chit chat with compatible travellers, lend your ears to unheard travel tales and enjoy plenty of fun activities here. Rock Garden is also good for beautiful holiday snaps.

Best Places in Sikkim for Solo Trip:

Your next destination Sikkim holds more astonishing experiences for you! So, just keep reading on!

Tsomgo Lake:

You will find natural lakes, waterfalls, mountains and twisting ways at every next turn of Sikkim. Tsomgo Lake stands out of all such lakes which one can find in this state. It is surrounded by icy mountains which becomes the source of lake water in summers. However, in winters all you can see is a huge white snow blanket covering the lake as it’s frozen due to 12,313 ft. high altitude. You can also opt for yak and pony rides here.


Zuluk is a quaint village located in the sky touching mountains of Sikkim. You can spend quality time with rural folks and know their unique culture away from all the tourists at this offbeat destination. Adoring the divine beauty of nature in the snow-capped hills will be one of those experiences which you will cherish forever. If you are going at Zuluk in winters, then snowfall will be a bonus for you!


Add another distant village with astounding beauty in your itinerary. You can also encounter members of Tibetan nomadic tribes in winters here. People usually visit Lachen for the famous tourist spot Lachung Monastery. Explore the alpine-covered valleys and steep cliffs of Eastern Himalayas which makes the base of many trekking trails. You can start an exciting trekking trip from here!

Nathula Pass:

Want to see the Indian border? If yes, then Nathula Pass is best for you. It connects India with Tibet and forms a part of prehistoric Silk Road.  All the winter freaks and patriotic people out there should not miss this mesmerising experience. You can view the border gates of India and China, the war memorial and exhibition centre of Indian army here. Be cautious! As the oxygen levels are low here due to the height of 4,310 metres above sea level.

All of these places make Darjeeling and Sikkim an unparalleled paradise for solo travellers. The challenges of travelling solo will cast away when the destinations are so enchanting. Several travel lovers have tried this duo and loved it!

You must be thinking of booking a Sikkim Darjeeling tour package right now and plan for this thrilling solo trip. If you feel hesitated for solo trip or afraid of travelling alone, then you should give it a second thought! Because you can travel with loved ones anytime and anywhere but, you can’t miss a solo trip to such heavenly places.

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