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Why Does India Need to Turn to Electric Vehicles?

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The world’s fourth-largest auto market, India, is going through a major transformation with aims to have at least 15 percent of the vehicles on its roads to be electric in five years. The decision is made taking into consideration the that these the fuel-run vehicles are one of the biggest contributors of pollution. It is now or never for India to take the control and start a renewable-energy revolution in the country.

The task is huge, definitely, keeping in mind that in a country of 1.3 billion people, 25 million vehicles are sold annually. So, India’s shift to electric transportation is inevitable for several reasons.

  1. India is already facing extreme climate conditions. Summers melt roads and kill people. Coastal areas face frequent floods. India thus must focus on climate change and reducing CO2 emissions.

2. The pollution is rising across the country. According to WHO, 14 out of the world’s most polluted 15 cities are in India. Shouldn’t this be alarming and sad? The main cause? Vehicular pollution!

3. India is obligated to PCA (Paris Climate Agreement) to achieve about 40 percent installed electric power capacity from renewable sources by 2030.

4. The oil imports in India are huge. And the major sector depending on these imports is, yes, automobile. So, the Indian Government is targeting a 10% cut in oil imports from its last year’s 82% by 2022.

Owing to all these reasons, India is steadily moving towards electric transportation – bikes, scooters, cars, thanks to the government initiatives and the willingness of companies like Mobycy to contribute in making India an Electric nation.

Mobycy is doing its bit by introducing electric scooters on rent – Zypp in many cities across India. Mobycy e-scooters are fast, easy-to-operate, and good to the environment. So, it’s a win-win condition for both-you and the environment.

How to avail Zypp?

Just download the Mobycy app from any Android or Apple device and start using Zypp scooters at your convenience. 

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