Why Indian Matrimonial Websites are Better than Dating Apps



We know the traditional Indian marriages. But what are the customs of other cultures with regard to marriage? A Hindu wedding is in one word: color! With religious traditions, good food and lots of emotion. A Hindu marriage usually takes longer than American weddings. The wedding ritual, the ceremony takes a few hours. But there is a lot to do before this special wedding. Here we will explain why Indian matrimonial websites are better than dating apps.

Marriage seems to have gotten a different approach away from the usual traditional way we have known it for the longest time. Nowadays, one can easily get acquitted with stranger via dating apps. Singles end up spending the most of their time on such websites in search of their partner. All thanks to internet and the many matchmaking sites in India. These shaadi websites have been on the rise since their innovation. Most people, youngsters and divorcees found this method of getting their match to be fun and successful at the same time.

What’s the difference?

We have both Indian matrimony sites and dating apps to discuss about. The sole goal for setting up a website is finding you a marriage partner for a peaceful journey. Even the dating sites or apps do not necessarily need you in their sites for marriage purposes. Although, it is still possible to get a marriage partner in them. With dating apps, one can simply get you into a friendship or relationship without necessarily having the intentions of getting married. But when it comes to matrimonial websites, your intention has to be getting out of that site with a marriage partner.

Why Matrimonial Sites are Important?

Indian matrimonial sites are quite on the rise in India and this is because more people are getting serious with life commitments. Indians trust on these sites to find the life partner of their dreams. Online marriage is on the rise and with time – traditional marriages may not be the ones carrying the day anymore. This is because love marriages are making more sense each and every other day. For those who are straightforward on the marriage thing, marriage matrimonial sites are proving to be the best choice to find a marriage matrimony partner compared to ordinary dating apps and sites. If you have made your decision on settling down, matrimonial sites are the best hunting fields and they even get better with the matchmaking option which makes the right partner searching a bit easier.

Matrimonial Websites:

Here are some facts on why you will find Indian matrimonial websites more reasonable compared to dating apps;

  1. Both time and money saving; using matrimonial sites is an open fact that you are looking for a marriage partner so the process kick starts the moment you register without wasting much time. It saves money in sense that all you need is internet to get a partner.
  2. Counseling; some matrimonial sites offer marriage advises in terms of blogs and Q&A sessions where you can ask about anything to do with marriage and get the right answers.
  3. Reliable Information; matrimonial sites ensures that all their matrimonial profiles are up-to-date and secure as well. This is because when you conduct a matrimony search you will have an easy time getting the most relevant and updated results.
  4. More Possibilities: advanced options like the number of suitors, locations and careers you might be interested in.

Best Matrimonial Website in India

Below are the three top matrimony service providers in India.

1. Bharat Matrimony

Bharat Matrimony is considered as India’s known matrimony website. The company started offering matrimonial services in 1997. One of India’s largest matrimonial service provider aims to help people find happiness and live a peaceful married life. The company owns 130+ marriage bureaus in India. After good success, the company continues to lead the exciting matrimony category and start serving in US, UK, Canada and Sri Lanka too.

2. MatchFinder

MatchFinder is the most reliable, secure, effective and cost-effective matchmaking website that caters only to those looking for a serious relationship. According to the stats, over 85% of members are 25-35 years. Moreover, 65% registered profiles are degree holders. Those who are searching for their second half, can easily find one who genuinely suits their lifestyle. Thousands of singles find love through Match Finder’s services each month. Register today and find someone you truly suit you.

3. Shaadi.com

Shaadi.com – Fondly known as the leaders in India. The perception of advanced, social, economical and mostly traditional ethos of diverse communities that thrive in the India allow to celebrate weddings wonderfully. Unfortunately their services are not for free anymore.

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